The range of translation services is incredibly wide, with more and more competitive offers appearing on the market each year. These are presented both by companies, as well as individual professionals. Is there any difference between the services of an independent freelance specialist and those offered by a translation agency? And can anyone win in this situation?


Absolute champions in specialty fields vs help with a wide range of content

It might seem that it would be freelancers that would have no problems with flexibility and a mind open to various ways of cooperation. The reality, however, quickly verifies the dream of flexible schedule and choosing projects conveniently. An established and relatively stable work schedule can be interrupted at any moment; chances for reliable and foreseeable weekly plan decrease with every accepted order requiring completion. The availability of translators is often questionable. Their specialisation is also limited to the issues that are of particular interest to them. A professional performing excellent medical translations could easily get lost in legalese, which means the necessity to reach out to another specialist.


Comprehensive translation services, multi-step project completion and best quality warranty

Translation agencies cooperate with a network of language vendors specialising in a wide range of scientific fields. It is possible to quickly forward your order to a person who will complete this task best. There is basically no threat that there will be no specialist available to handle your translation. A multi-step completion process of every order guarantees unparallelled quality of translation. At Alingua, we always proofread our texts; depending on the Client’s expectations we can also ask a native speaker to perform a language verification. Even though a translator should boast of extraordinary command of both Polish and a foreign language they translate into, even the best specialists make mistakes – mind, however, that these are rarely a sign of incompetence. In such situations, we need a second person to take a look and spot all the mistakes that a translator might have overlooked. It mostly regards double spaces, spelling or punctuation mistakes, but rarely the substantive content.


Harmonious cooperation or secret rivalry? Translation agencies and freelance translators

Cooperation with either a freelance translator or an agency comes with some advantages – and also some downsides. A long-term cooperation with a translation agency would be a perfect choice for clients translating texts within diverse fields and numerous language pairs. Feel free to explore our offer for entrepreneurs and contact our customer support department which will provide answers to all your questions.