Many of us dream about making the world a better place. However, this vision may fade when confronted with harsh reality. Still, it does not mean we are utterly unable to make other people’s lives even slightly easier. Together, we are able to do good. Joint effort and wise actions – that’s all it takes.


That is precisely what guided us when we established the Alingua Helpful Word Foundation back in 2016. As a translation agency with many years of business experience we are well aware of the power of words – they can hurt and manipulate, but also bring comfort and wisdom, contributing to the improvement of many people’s lives.


How does the Foundation work?

The basic rule of operation is very simple – 1% of the value of each translation completed by our agency is transferred to the Foundation’s account. The Foundation’s resources are therefore powered by our daily work. That’s how we, the Alingua team and our clients, contribute together to doing some good in this world.


While planning the Foundation’s activities, we aim at helping as many people and families as possible, both directly and indirectly. Above all, our aim is to provide actual and wise help that will contribute to permanent improvement of the recipient’s life quality.


Who are we helping globally?

We believe that developed countries are morally obliged to provide support to developing countries, especially those affected by poverty, hunger, natural disasters or conflicts. Such situations are the source of multiple personal tragedies that prevent people not only from growth and self-fulfillment, but from leading a dignified, comfortable life, making it impossible to satisfy the most basic needs and exercise human rights.


One of the Foundation’s permanent goals includes sponsoring three children from Kenya and Uganda. This way, we provide good childhood and education to a boy and two girls. Our projects include support for child rescue programs operating in countries affected by hunger (Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Yemen), financial support for Syrian families from Aleppo facing drastically difficult economic situation, as well as assisting missionaries working among the inhabitants in Siberia – the community facing poverty, unemployment and alcohol addiction, receiving little aid from the country.


Providing free specialist translations for those in particularly difficult life situations also constitutes a significant part of our activity. We have also aided numerous patients who are receiving specialist treatment abroad or seeking medical help there.


Local activity and promotion of the Polish language

As a Krakow-based translation agency we cannot forget about those in need who are around us. One of our local projects involves supporting the Padre Pio Foundation. This organisation provides comprehensive aid to the homeless in Krakow. Other entities we support include Domy Wspólnoty Chleb Życia – a foundation supporting victims of social exclusion – and Jaś i Małgosia, a foundation operating specialist centers for children affected by autism. We also participate in initiatives that are aimed at the promotion of the Polish language, preserving national heritage and helping the Polish community living in the countries of the former USSR (cooperation with the Dziedzictwo Kresowe Foundation and Fundacja Dla Polonii).


Our other aims include active involvement, not publicity. That is why a part of the Foundation’s projects are and will remain undisclosed. We wish to make our clients aware that along with the Alingua team, every day they contribute to making the world a better place. Words are incredibly powerful – and we can attest to that.


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