The translation services market is growing rapidly. IT solutions that were a novelty not long ago, have now become a standard among the leading service providers in terms of continuous development and innovation.

Constantly striving to achieve perfection in its operations, Alingua Translation Agency has implemented tools (interchangeably with the first subparagraph) supporting and systematizing work in almost every area of the company.


CHEAP-FAST-WELL – can you reconcile it?

Experienced entrepreneurs know full well how the famous time-price-quality triangle works; it can be described in one sentence:

“You can have it done well, fast, or cheap. Pick any two”.

While many entrepreneurs are focused on confirming this thesis, we have focused on creating such a work environment where we can offer you increased quality of our service while reducing lead time and costs. How is that possible? See for yourself!

Linguistic Quality Assurance – HIGHER QUALITY

Grammatical errors, improper vocabulary, incorrect punctuation, or semantic inconsistencies can render the service unprofessional. Using the latest CAT tool (computer-assisted translation), or special software streamlining the translation process allows us to eliminate this risk quickly and effectively. This is possible thanks to the Linguistic Quality Assurance system, which supports the work of our translators, verifiers and proofreaders.
This system notifies the user about inconsistencies in such aspects as: punctuation, terminology, consistency, formatting, layout, context, individual words remaining untranslated. With that, the human factor that – it must be emphasized clearly – is still decisive, receives the systems support in the form of important feedback.

Translation Memory – SHORTER TIME

One of the primary tasks of CAT tools is to create a translation memory. It is built from fragments of text divided into “segments”. As the translation progresses, segments that have already been translated may appear in source texts. At that point, the memory will automatically search for and recall the segment, so that the person working on the text does not have to translate it from scratch, instead only having to verify and possibly modify the hint.
Moreover, after the completion of the project created during its implementation, translation memory is stored in Alingua. In the future if we make another, similarly themed translation, the database from the previous project will aid us greatly. In the long run, this saves us working time. This time saving allows us to hand over your project sooner.



Another crucial element in the use of CAT tools is the creation of a term base, a collection of specialized words and phrases, which are recorded in Alingua’s central database at the end of each subsequent translation project. If you wish to send us a glossary containing specific wording that should be included in the target text, it will be added to your project’s terminology database.
Term Base as the database of the smallest meaning carriers – terms themselves – is usually used in parallel with a translation memory, supplementing it more precisely. This makes it possible to achieve a synergy effect.
Using the term base together with the translation memory allows for not only maintaining the contextual and terminological consistency of your translations, but also reducing the time spent by translators, verifiers and proofreaders. After all, they do not have to carry out the same task twice, or use industry dictionaries to select the most appropriate wording in the target language. Time savings lead directly to financial savings – your financial savings. Both the glossary you provide and our internal database will allow us to give you an attractive discount when submitting the bid.


Main benefits of using modern CAT tools for Alingua customers:

  • contextual and terminological consistency of translations
  • shortened project duration time to a considerable degree
  • reduced price of translation thanks to repetitions
  • ability to split work between multiple translators working simultaneously
  • easier management of work progress by the project manager
  • possibility to carry out translations in problematic formats


CAT tools vs. machine translation
CAT programs should not be confused with so-called machine translation, which relies on translation using only automated algorithms created by a robot. The use of translation memory, terminology, and Linguistic Quality Assurance functions merely as a support for HUMAN work in making all decisions regarding acceptance, modification or complete rejection of the hint. In addition, the contents of the database are created solely by translators in the course of their work, not by automatic algorithms.
We invite you to watch our video, in which you can see the subtle yet significant difference (0:20 vs. 2:15).



Managing a company that completes thousands of complex and elaborate projects yearly is not possible without a proper system strategy. In facing this challenge, as a result of months of collaborative work by our team with programmers, we have developed our own IT system for managing translation projects and our customer relations.

AMS (Alingua Management System) was created for you. Automating key processes at Alingua (the so-called workflow) allows shortening the execution of your projects, increasing control over them, and communicating with you even more smoothly.


The most important benefits to you as a result of the Alingua Management System include:

  • convenience and intuitivity – thanks to your own Customer Panel, where you can view the history of your orders, open and edit translated projects, and view Alingua’s payment history.
  • higher quality of translation – thanks to the Service Provider Panels, providing detailed information about their competences and professional experience. This allows us to quickly and efficiently assign the most suitable contractors to your order.
  • data protection and confidentiality – with AMS, your data is protected by an individual login mechanism (both for you as a customer and for all service providers), enhanced with an SSL certificate that authenticates the server during connections, as well as additional security measures within the system.
  • quicker project implementation – thanks to the ability to break down work between several translators, improved internal communication, and easy coordination by the project manager.
  • more attractive terms of cooperation – by monitoring the history of our cooperation through statistics, we not only can effectively select translators for your projects in terms of specialization or experience, but also modify financial terms, payment dates, and share valuable business contacts – if you so wish.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding CAT tools or the AMS system at our helpline: +48 12 3575225 and email:

Our customers

We sincerely thank you for the trust that you have placed in Alingua Translation Agency.
We are grateful for another year of fruitful cooperation; we are positive that our mutual collaboration involving WORDS will translate into measurable benefits!

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