“I have documents drawn up in a foreign language. How much would it cost to translate them into Polish?” – this question very often pops up during our conversations with clients. First of all, translation price depends on what you want to translate, from which language, and – which might be slightly surprising – for what purpose.


If you need to present the documents at any public office, most likely a sworn translation will be needed. Such a translation can be performed (and an appropriate stamp should be affixed) only by a sworn translator entered in the list kept by the Ministry of Justice. Regarding the cost of such service – let’s focus on the most frequent cases. We will further explain how much it costs to translate documents from English, German or Russian. If you are interested in other languages, send an enquiry to Alingua Customer Support Department and receive the reply in just 15 minutes.

So: how much does it cost to translate documents?

In case of standard documents, some translators prefer to use flat-rate, so they have a fixed price for a birth or marriage certificate, certificate of clean criminal record or a vehicle registration book. Our clients very often approach us with such documents so it’s worth to present these and ask for a price in a given case. Most often, however, the price depends on the document’s size. It is given for either 1125 characters with spaces (sworn translations) or 1500 / 1800 characters with spaces in case of ordinary documents. This will definitely the case in case of contracts, terms and conditions, technical or medical documentation.

How much does it cost to translate documents from English?

The price per page can fall anywhere between PLN 40 to 70. You may encounter lower prices – but in many cases it’s just not worth it. A price below the lowest threshold should be alarming. It’s not a standard market price, so the translator is probably not qualified and experienced enough to properly perform the service.

How much does it cost to translate documents from German?

In this case the price could fall between PLN 45 and 70.

How much does it cost to translate documents from Russian?

In case of this language, the competition is quite probably the biggest and the translations are in great demand. That’s why the prices are slightly lower, between PLN 35 and 60.


To get a precise translation quote free of charge, please send the document to biuro@alingua.pl. We will provide you with all necessary information and answer all your questions.