ISO 17100:2015


The ISO 17100:2015 was developed specifically for the translation services sector, defining requirements for all aspects of the translation process that affect the quality and level of service delivery. It is the latest standard, published in Poland on 10 November 2015, replacing standard EN 15038:2006.

This document provides guidance for translation service providers in the areas of basic process management, minimum competence requirements, resource availability and management, and other activities needed to provide quality translation services.

Alingua receiving the ISO 17100 certification is the culmination of the accreditation process conducted by Bureau Veritas Certification (PCA accreditation) in terms of interpreting in the first and second language groups.


By working with Alingua, you are guaranteed that within our organization the detailed quality assurance of the translation project management concerns, among others:

  • processes and initial actions (query analysis, submission of bids, conclusion of contracts, handling of information received from the customer)
  • main processes (translation, verification, editing, proofreading, final control and delivery)
  • final processes and activities (customer feedback, administrative actions after project submission)
  • human resources (recruitment and selection of translators in terms of their professional competence)
  • technical resources (verification of availability of all technical resources necessary for project implementation)

All these activities have one overriding goal that we are constantly striving to achieve – your maximum satisfaction from working with Alingua Translation Agency.

Certyfikat ISO 17100:2015

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