The textile industry seems to have little to do with linguistics… but it’s only an illusion. Let us just recall the legendary swatshirts of the ‘Keep away from fire’ brand, or mention the example of an advertising campaign by a well-known sports brand which, through a translation error, encouraged clients to… gain weight. Well, tongues and textiles are a perfect fit not only when it comes to shoes!



Translations for the fashion industry are not only about catchy marketing slogans and basic info for clients. The textille industry involves extensive agreements, tender offers, catalogues and often even technical documentation. It’s an extremely diverse field that requires translation support present pretty much at every stage of product manufacture and distribution.




Terminology before flowery language: translating technical documentation



In recent years, we have seen an increased awareness of the clients and a shift towards locally produced goods. The renaissance of Polish sewing plants entails the need to keep up with the attractive offerings of the competition, the modernisation of machinery and training for employees.



Linguistic support is often a must at each stage of the work. But which element is key? Entrusting a given project to a proper professional. The reliable translation of a machine’s technical passport or the provision of linguistic support during the commissioning of a machine are tasks for linguists specialising in technical translation, who are not afraid of precise and detailed terms.



Our offer is tailored to the needs of both established and developed corporations as well as manufactures and small companies making their first moves in this competitive sector.




Brushed, combed, loop… and it’s just knitted fabric! And how do we say that in a foreign language?



Translating for the textile industry is extremely satisfying – especially when we can watch our business partners spread their wings – but it also requires extensive knowledge and familiarity with extremely precise terminology. How to navigate in a nest of fabrics, not confuse the names of the stiches, and survive a confrontation with the anatomy of footwear if you have already won a skirmish with a dozen or so types of seemingly identical sneakers? The specialists working with Alingua have faced many similar challenges and will draw on their rich experience when working on your text.



And maybe you already have translated content and want new translations to go with it? No problem! In such situations, a glossary containing key phrases is an invaluable aid. It will greatly contribute to the translator’s work and is a guarantee of satisfaction with the finished translation! However, if the current translation is questionable, we can offer a language audit service and see if we can still save the result.




The final step: marketing translations



Catalogues, posts for social media, website and SEO-friendly content or maybe professional mailings? No matter what kind of translations you are looking for, we are here to ensure that our clients can engage in what they know best. Meanwhile, we will ensure your communication needs are stitched up.



We know perfectly well how important it is to follow the trends in the fashion industry. That’s why we only provide such content to specialists who not only have a perfect command of the chosen foreign language, but are also interested in fashion. This way, we can design a translation tailored to your needs, reflecting your brand image and allowing you to make a stylish entrance on foreign markets.




Cooperation with a translation agency for language services in the textile industry



In the case of the Alingua translation agency, many years of cooperation with fashion brands have resulted in a close-knit team that does not miss any textile details. Several types of knitted fabric? Colours with names that require rising to great heights of creativity? We would be happy to go with you as far as your dreams reach. All it takes is one step – take a look at the contact form, send a text to be translated or an interpretation request and introduce your brand to the world of foreign customers. Are you planning to translate a large volume of text or intend to work with regular work orders? We will prepare a special offer for you!