Preparation of the ordered text for translation usually involves the submission of a file containing all information that is subject to translation. The most common formats in our work are definitely files with .doc and .docx extensions, as well as any other editable formats, including those with multiple graphics (editable .pdf files). Non-editable files – especially ad folders, where their visual appearance is crucial – often requiring additional processing prior to translation.

Prior to translation work, the translator is provided with an editable file. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is often required. However, the quality of editable documents thus obtained depends largely on the source text. Folders, manuals or advertising material sent as scans, pictures or low quality .pdf files require the work of someone who will pre-process the file. That person is also entrusted with preparing the documents before sending them to the translator – e.g. describing non-editable fragments such as captions, footnotes or additional information posted in the margin.

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