We know full well how important reliable and valuable business contacts are in the modern business world. They save valuable time dedicated to penetrating the market in search of a suitable contractor, as well as the money invested in a service that is provided without the necessary involvement.

Therefore, in order to meet your needs – those not directly related to translations – we present and recommend our partners, with whom we collaborate. We charge no commissions between partner companies. We are a proven group and we recommend one another with great conviction.


ADream – Interactive Agency

We are a group of six companies that share the same passion. Thanks to our cooperation, we are able to successfully achieve the business goals of our clients. Each of our agencies specializes in a different area of marketing; thus, we provide comprehensive services and maximum focus on the end result.

  • Zensite – an agency of beautiful and effective websites. We design and implement landing pages, local business websites as well as corporate websites or portals with millions of potential visitors.
  • MoreStore – an agency which specialises in designing online sale websites. We design and implement online stores, based both on open source solutions and dedicated solutions.
  • FlyEmotion – an agency which specialises in making movies using drones. Our productions give viewers emotions similar to those that accompany Hollywood production trailers.
  • Studio Leon – a branding agency which specialises in the preparation of materials to print. We design visual identification of catalogues, packaging and labels.
  • When – an agency dealing with advertising on the Internet. We create AdWords campaigns, SEO positioning, Facebook Ads. We prepare strategies to enter the market and online promotions.
  • Artvisio – a photography agency which specialises in product and business photography.

Łukasz Pach
General Manager
Tel. (12) 307 88 80
Kom. +48 690 888 343
Kom. +48 690 888 353



INTERFORM is involved in the production of business labels. We make spatial letters, light boxes, pylons and plates. We wrap cars. We equip offices with directional information and logotypes. We build exhibition stands.

Our strengths are:

  • Experienced designers
  • Extensive selection of machinery allowing for the most sophisticated projects
  • Experience – 25 years on the market
  • Efficiency confirmed by over 2000 satisfied customers

Our clients: Tauron, BP, co-operative banks, Gothaer Insurance Company, Lufthansa, but also small businesses from the local market.

Thanks to the projects we create and the techniques we employ, our clients stand out from the competition, effectively promoting their products and services.

Piotr Sozański – owner

Piotr Sozański
Tel. +48 605 606 460



Hussars is a team of professionals ready to take on any task in the fields of marketing, graphic design and advertising.

Achieve a competitive advantage, acquire new customers, build visibility and brand awareness, and strengthen relationships.

We can put together: company magazines, product catalogues, albums, newspapers, books, brochures, leaflets or forms.

All this is a piece of cake for our graphic studio. Tell us what you need and we will design it according to the latest global trends and principles of social impact and neuromarketing. Every design is created by a graphic designer and marketer, because a graphic design may or may not be aesthetically pleasing – but it must be effective!

Mateusz Janusz
Tel. 606 35 35 90

JWMS - radcowie prawni


JWMS law firm based in Kraków was established as a joint venture by five solicitors.

JWMS combines professional experience gained in Kraków’s leading law firms and in the public sector and academic career at the Jagiellonian University with a practical knowledge of business. JWMS lawyers specialize primarily in the service of IT, e-commerce, construction companies, and in the design of business transformations and acquisition projects.

Jan Marczyński
Legal Counsel – Partner
Tel. 608 528 772



Re-Aktor is a training company founded and run by Paweł Grzesik, a coach and actor. The company cooperates with 15 actors who are prepared for theatrical manager training – the most famous product of Re-Actor.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that the participants watch a performance specially prepared by the actors, such as the story of a manager who is not coping with his team. The most important thing is that the participants interrupt the performance, switch places with the main character (Manager) and improvise, trying to improve the company’s situation.

Re-Aktor also offers training on public speech, personal development, strategic business analysis, and coaching.

Re-Actor’s substantive partner is the Jagiellonian University.

Customers: Bank ING, Bank BPH, IKEA, Deloitte, Parker, Chamber of Commerce for Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling, Tauron.

Paweł Grzesik
Tel. +48 697 988 698