The process of order completion requires initial determination of two particularly important factors – price and deadline. These two elements, however, are inseparably connected with translation quality. Sometimes balancing all three of them can be quite challenging. Is it even possible to combine all three while working on a single order?


3 in 1: can translations be quick, affordable, and of high quality?

Fast and cheap – won’t be good. Good and cheap – won’t be fast. Fast and good – won’t be cheap. We all know this famous triade, but rarely give thought to the meaning behind the phrase. Fast and cheap services rarely boast of high quality. Cooperating with specialists who verify translation’s substantive content can also be time-consuming and generate additional cost. Still, it has direct impact on the quality. Express translation, on the other hand, usually requires additional payment – that’s why all services completed quickly, yet with satisfying result, are rarely economical. Each order constitutes an individual challenge requiring particular attention, as well as use of both reference materials and additional information. That’s why attractive prices and high translation quality do not go hand in hand with short lead time. Quick and cheap translations of high quality seem to be the perfect solution to an ever-existent problem – but is it really as good as it may seem?


Is it worth giving it all you’ve got – scribbles on the art of choosing

In case of such translations, multiple complications are likely to occur. These may result in one thing only – a translation of poor quality, should we be lucky enough to even complete the whole process. The promise to prepare an acceptable translation in an efficient and affordable way leads to a standstill where neither time nor financial resources allow for proper order completion. This triggers a snowball effect which ends in mutual disappointment with the cooperation.


Identifying the priorities: high translation quality above everything else

Our client’s satisfaction is our priority. In a bid to achieve that, we strive to provide services of the highest quality. Our strength lies in cooperation with reliable and experienced translators, our network of trusted consultants and workflow based on cutting-edge technological tools and databases. We work together to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the quality of completed orders. We do our best to meet the expectations of our clients regarding both translation quality, as well as time-related and financial aspects of the service provided.