Quality and security


In today’s highly competitive business, Customers expect their partners to meet specific standards. After all, you can make purchasing decisions based on:

1) promises: “We are the best, trust us”


2) hard, measurable indicators, such as:

  • compliance with ISO standards
  • data security policy
  • our own project management system
  • professional liability policy
  • CAT technologies providing contextual and terminological consistency
  • customer satisfaction statistics
  • models of handling any comments
  • free trial translation as a reference point for the service
  • verifiable experience in the implementation of many complex projects

We address our services to customers who strongly favour the second decision-making model.

In fulfilling our mission of providing complete customer satisfaction by ensuring the highest quality translation services, we make sure that our customers receive exactly what they expect and sometimes even more.
To this end, we have developed a number of internal procedures and tools that ensure the quality of our services and the security of Alingua customers’ data.

We encourage you to read the information that will answer your key question:

why deciding to work with Alingua allows you to be sure that your expectations as to quality, safety and standards are fully met?

our customers

We sincerely thank you for the trust that you have placed in Alingua Translation Agency.
We are grateful for another year of fruitful cooperation; we are positive that our mutual collaboration involving WORDS will translate into measurable benefits!

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