Security and confidentiality of data


When you entrust valuable, often confidential information for translation, not only the quality and timeliness of the translation are important, but also a translation agency’s effective maintenance of the security of all your data. At Alingua, we constantly monitor this sensitive area, e.g. through the actions indicated below.

Alingua Data Security Policy

Our developed security policy, detailing a number of internal procedures with the use of modern IT solutions, guarantees the protection of your personal data and trade secrets at every stage of our cooperation.


Alingua Privacy Policy

Alingua’s Privacy Policy covers the processing of personal data that is sent to our translation agency.
First of all, we do not sell or make available to third parties your personal or correspondence information. Feel free to read the details of our Privacy Policy.


Archiving documents

All your translations are archived by Alingua on an external dedicated server outside the office. Archiving is permanent, which means that you can retrieve a translated document at any time, should it be lost at your company.
Further, we regularly create backup copies, which are also stored in dedicated locations outside our office.


Insurance against loss of documents

As one of the few translation agencies in Poland, we have a professional liability insurance policy, covering also damage resulting from misplacement, destruction or any other form of document loss.


AMS and website security

In the interest of the absolute security of our customers’ data, we use high-quality encrypted connections at every stage of our projects. We also have a 128-bit encrypted SSL certificate, giving you the ultimate guarantee of authenticating the identity of the website owner.


Confidentiality agreements

All internal Alingua employees and remote associates worldwide are obligated under confidentiality agreements to keep secret all information sent by the Customer, as well as those related to the services they provide.
In addition, our employees are trained to maintain the security of our customers’ information.
We can also conclude an NDA contract with our clients for a single project or for overall co-operation.

Our customers

We sincerely thank you for the trust that you have placed in Alingua Translation Agency.
We are grateful for another year of fruitful cooperation; we are positive that our mutual collaboration involving WORDS will translate into measurable benefits!

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