In case of technical translation, there is no room for ambiguities. The text should be transparent, precise and clear.


The target reader should not feel like they are reading a translated text. They cannot have any doubts regarding the operation of the device and its use when reading a manual or a product data sheet.

Who should you entrust your technical translation to?

In case of a translator handling technical texts, appropriate linguistic skills and being able to effortlessly communicate in both source and target language are not enough. Striving to provide one’s clients with perfect technical translations, one also needs specialist knowledge within a given discipline. Only accurate and precise choice of terminology guarantees that the vocabulary will convey the meaning of the source text, is perfectly in line with it and the ready text is fully comprehensible.

A freelance translator or a translation agency?

Who should we entrust our text to, in order to receive a proper technical translation which will foster effortless communication with your international business partners? In this case, reaching out to a well-established translation agency is the best idea. By doing so you can be sure that the text will be handled by a competent, experienced and knowledgeable professional. Moreover, a translation agency can provide you with a high-quality technical translation into multiple foreign languages. Such comprehensive services might make it significantly easier to achieve your business goals.

What should you pay attention to while ordering a technical translation?

There are many companies offering cheap and quick translations – but if you care for quality, think twice about your choice.  References from customers representing your industry and relevant sectors are priceless when it comes to assessing the credibility of a given translation agency. The agency’s experience and reach are also important – just as the complex range of the services it offers. It’s also worth learning whether a given agency conforms to ISO standards, which proves that it can consistently deliver orders of a high quality. Should you decide for a translation with additional revision by another linguist, any translation agency that conforms to the ISO 17100 standard (developed particularly for the translation services industry) guarantees that the competences of the person revising the translation are just as high as those of the translator performing the work. It’s the best way to prove that the text will be handled by professionals and will meet your expectations.