It might seem that credentials matter only to private individuals, as it is usually them who need their employer to provide credentials that are meant to help out on their further career path. However, this is not all when it comes to using credentials.


It is worth remembering that credentials might be of great help for companies as well. A review written by one company about another is usually a summary of their cooperation – it shows how long it lasts, what its scope is and what projects have been finished so far. It is worth considering that a company that is not pleased with the cooperation not only will cease it, but is not eager to leave a positive review as well.


What should be taken into account while looking for a business partner?

Such decision must take at least a few factors into account, and not only when looking for a translation agency. Smooth and hassle-free contact with the company’s representative is a basic factor – without that, mutual understanding during the potential cooperation on future projects seems questionable. Certificates and memberships in business organisations are surely a reliable and trustworthy quality proof of the company’s services as they confirm that the company fulfils the standards and requirements stated by external entities that control the level of provided services. Another important factor is the position of the company – how long have they been operating, what is their experience, who are their customers. Therefore, credentials play an important role here.

What is the importance of credentials?

If a decisive employee or a company owner takes their time to summarise the cooperation and rate it well – and moreover, sign it with their full name, which would be visible in the partner’s official marketing materials – the authority of this person authenticates their positive review. Therefore, if the customers of your future business partner (for example, in the field of translation) rate them well, then why should you hesitate to reach out and see their reliability and the quality of their service for yourself?