If this wasn’t the case, clusters of letters wouldn’t constitute the central axis around which the cultures of the world are formed, and hundreds of thousands of people from the most remote corners of the globe would not delve every day into the reality created by authors. Words are beautiful but should always be used with caution. It takes so little to hurt someone – sometimes a few unkind words are all it takes. Sometimes it also takes little to help someone.

With even the shortest translated word, someone else gets a chance to receive help. Just one word is an opportunity for innovative therapy, surgery, education, work, or a book.
This has become the main motivation for establishing the Alingua Helpful Word Foundation. The overarching goals of the Foundation are:

  1. support for social initiatives in translation, particularly by helping those in need (especially the sick and the poor)
  2. support for other social actors, especially in the field of translation (including translation of documents for those entities or persons they support)
  3. promoting Polish language at home and abroad

During its relatively short existence, the Alingua Helpful Word Foundation:

helped Syrian families struggling with the extremely difficult financial situation in Aleppo
helped a disabled girl suffering from Schaaf-Yang Syndrome
supported a very young patient’s trip to Vienna for complicated eye surgery
helped the homeless and the poorest inhabitants of Kraków, by giving them a chance to get out of their difficult situation through comprehensive material, psychological, medical and social assistance
supported the education of young Poles from the 9 countries of the former USSR, allowing them to return to their homeland
aided in cultivating Polish traditions and national heritage in the East
helped in the renovation of Polish graves in Lviv cemeteries
helped protect the lives of conceived children
helped children suffering from hunger in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Yemen
helped many others in need, providing them with free translation services to save lives, health, in hopeless legal situations, etc.

This help is provided in cooperation with:

We deeply believe that the “helpful word” we carry will be enormous aid to those in need, and will deliver even more fruit in the future.

We are glad to tell you that 1% of the value of orders carried out by Alingua Translation Agency is donated to the Alingua Helpful Word Foundation.

If you wish to further support our foundation, you may do so by depositing any amount into the foundation’s bank account: 36 2490 0005 0000 4530 8369 2489.

Every contribution, even the smallest one, brings us closer to our common goal – to help those who need it most.



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