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Verba docent, exempla trahunt – keeping in mind that words instruct and illustrations lead, in 2016 we established the Alingua Pomocne Słowo Foundation [Alingua Helpful Word Foundation] to combine our everyday activities with helping those in need. We work with words on a daily basis – as it is words translated into all the languages of the world that allow our clients to achieve their business goals. This is, however, not their only role.

Words have great power – they can help, heal, popularise knowledge and create opportunities for a better life for thousands of people. Big changes start with small steps, so we support those in need to the best of our abilities – by providing high-quality translations that improve their situation in life.

Foundation’s scope of operations


Translations for those in need

Persons in financial difficulties can count on our assistance in translating the necessary documents.


Charity work

The Foundation provides financial support to various social initiatives, both in Poland and abroad, whose message is close to our hearts.


Promoting the Polish language

We participate in educational activities related to the Polish language and the protection of Polish heritage.

Completed projects

To date, the Alingua Pomocne Słowo Foundation has helped the following individuals and initiatives:

  • Syrian families struggling with an extremely difficult financial situation in Aleppo
  • Children suffering from hunger in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Yemen
  • Missions conducted among the population of Siberia
  • Clinic and school for children with autism
  • Hospitals fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic
  • A disabled girl suffering from Shaaf-Yang syndrome
  • The homeless and poorest residents of Krakow
  • The education of young Poles from 9 countries of the former USSR, allowing them to return to their homeland
  • Continuous financing of the education of three orphaned children from Kenya and Uganda
  • Nurturing Polish traditions and national heritage in the East
  • Renovating Polish graves at Lviv cemeteries
  • Help for many other people in need by providing them with free translation services to save lives, protect their health, or improve their hopeless legal situation

By ordering services, you provide help

Each time you order a translation and other language services from Alingua, you provide support for the Foundation – 1% of the total value of all orders is allocated to the Foundation’s charity work. By pursuing your own objectives, you are able to engage in charitable activities and provide support to people in need without any additional effort on your part.

1% of orders made

1% of the value of our clients’ orders is allocated to the projects carried out by the Alingua Pomocne Słowo Foundation. Help us to help others! 36 2490 0005 0000 4530 8369 2489

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