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Over the past few decades, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Germany has become not only a preferred destination for emigrating Poles, but also one of our most important business partners. Translations from Polish to German and translations from German to Polish are among the most popular orders carried out by the Alingua translation agency. Interestingly, we can safely assume that by the Middle Ages our ancestors needed German translations, as due to close proximity and extensive trade between Poles and Germany, there was a rich cultural exchange. The numerous loanwords from German that are still found in Polish testify to the great impact that German has had on the Polish language. For example, words such as “bigos” (sauerkraut-and-meat stew), “kajzerka” (bread roll), “rycerz” (knight) or the popular adjective “fajny” (cool) come from German.

German in business

We perform German translations for individuals as well as companies and institutions. Today, the language of our Western neighbours is one of the most popular ones for international business communication. German people realize how important perfect communication is in business. This is best illustrated by the words attributed to West Germany Chancellor Willy Brandt: “If I sell you something, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.” German companies who order translations from Alingua are also aware that a company has a much better chance of selling when it addresses a potential customer in their native language.

What do you gain?

  • Translations done solely by linguists with relevant specialist training, education and experience
  • Translations compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 17100 standards
  • Translations done by native speakers
  • Consistency of terminology thanks to CAT tools
  • Free trial translations
  • Express translation of up to 100 pages a day

What do we translate most often?



Medical records

Contracts and financial reports

Software and apps

Academic publications

Marketing materials


Quotation in 15 minutes

Fill in the short form or send an inquiry to the Customer Support and you will receive a reply within 15 minutes.

German technical translations

Germany is Poland’s most important business partner: we export the most goods to Germany, and import almost as many. Extensive commercial contact between Polish businesses and Western contractors mean that the interest in technical translations from German and into German remains consistently high. Our experts translate complex product and tender documentation, user manuals, catalogues, patent documents, warranties and order specifications for you. It is worth mentioning that in the case of technical German translations, we take special care that specialised vocabulary in the target text is used in a consistent manner and in accordance with the source material. To achieve this goal, we use professional CAT tools, thanks to which once a technical term is entered, it is translated in the same way every time, and any inaccuracies are signalled on an ongoing basis.

Specialised German translations in Alingua

We translate specialised texts in all fields of science and technology, regardless of whether they are translations into or from German. The translators who cooperate with Alingua specialise in various disciplines of knowledge, so we always select the person to carry out the order so as to best utilize the knowledge and experience of our team members.

Apart from the technical and legal translations, medical translations from German and into German are one of the most commonly ordered services. Individual clients, often living part-time in Poland and part-time abroad, often commission us to translate medical records, hospital discharge summaries, immunization cards or health certificates. In turn, we translate marketing materials, websites, informative leaflets and product specifications for companies in the medical industry.

Translations of documents from German

Our translations into German or translations from German into Polish are often ordered by individual clients who are returning from emigration or have just decided to move to the West. We translate many documents, such as work certificates, baptism, marriage or death certificates, graduation certificates and all kinds of official certificates issued by administrative authorities of any country. Our translators possess many years of experience and thorough knowledge of the legal systems of both countries, thanks to which the documents that you receive are always translated with 100% accuracy. We also employ sworn translators, entered on the list kept by the Ministry of Justice, who can authenticate and certify translated documents to give them legal force.

German translations – Cracow, Poland, world

At Alingua, we accept orders from clients from virtually all over the world, because communication and the entire translation process take place primarily online. We provide translations from German in Cracow for local firms and institutions – both written and oral. We also offer express translation, which, in the case of German means translating even a dozen or so pages on the same day, and dozens more the next day. After sending us a file, you will receive an estimate for the service you are interested in within 15 minutes. We are always open to your comments and queries, and along with the translation, we can offer a fully comprehensive service, including editing, proofreading or pre-press preparation.

Quotation in 15 minutes

Fill in the short form or send an inquiry to the Customer Support and you will receive a reply within 15 minutes.

Pillars of trust

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification provides evidence that Alingua applies certified procedures to ensure consistent high quality of its translation services.

ISO 17100

Projects completed in compliance with ISO 17100 undergo a two-step revision process by professionals with appropriate competencies.

ISO 27001

Information security system at Alingua is consistent with the provisions of the ISO 27001 standard and all our cooperation agreements signed with translators contain a confidentiality clause.

Sample translations

In the case of larger projects, clients can request a sample of text translated by several different translators in order to choose a style most suited to their expectations.

Customer satisfaction

In-house statistics from the last two years show customer satisfaction at 99.7%.

Professional liability insurance cover

Your translations are protected by an insurance cover of up to PLN 300,000.


The Alingua Translation Agency is a member of a number of industry-specific organisations which aim to maintain the highest quality of translation services in the world of advancing technology and growing expectations.


1% of the value of our projects is donated to Alingua Helpful Word Foundation (Fundacja Alingua Pomocne Słowo). Each submitted order helps those in need.

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