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The Alingua team brings together translators from various countries and continents who work remotely and our in-house translators working from our Kraków office. Join us!

Become an Alingua translator

Alingua translators are guaranteed permanent cooperation based on clearly defined conditions. We are always at their disposal, regardless of whether they would like to know more about a particular client or whether they need technical support.

Become an Alingua intern

By joining the in-house Alingua team, our interns become acquainted with the everyday operation of the agency and the work done by translators. Interns are provided with an excellent opportunity to put their language skills to the test and develop their competencies.

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Become an Alingua translator

The Alingua Translation Agency recognises the importance of cooperating with translators of various languages and specialisations, thanks to whom its clients are provided with superior quality services. Our translators are expected to demonstrate their professional proficiency, a sense of responsibility for the projects entrusted to them and responsiveness to client requirements. On our part, we guarantee full support in the implementation of the tasks, access to CAT tools and diverse translation projects.

Clear terms of cooperation

Projects for prestigious clients

Working with the best computer-assisted translation tools

Timely payments

Diverse types of translations

Technical support



You like to cooperate with reliable partners, and you guarantee dependability

Contact us to discuss our potential cooperation

You see clients as individuals with specific requirements which you are happy to meet

Assist our clients with your knowledge and skills

You have experience in providing specialist translations in one or more areas of expertise

Share your expertise, and we’ll be happy to provide you with other projects

You are open to technological innovations in the translation sector

Have a go at working with our computer-assisted translation tools

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Become an Alingua intern

Alingua invites students and graduates of linguistic studies to discover the ins and outs of running a translation agency, and to try their hand at working as a translator and proofreader of texts in foreign languages – as well as in their native language, which is often more challenging than one might expect. During the internship, you will have the opportunity to work with CAT tools and receive guidance on how to cultivate your translation skills.

What does the translator do?

What is working at a translation agency like?

What are CAT tools?

How to become a translator?

What languages are worth learning?

Why is the translator's native language of crucial importance?

If you would like to:


Find out how a translation agency is run on a daily basis

Come and join the Alingua team!

Try working with the latest CAT solutions

Come and give it a go!

Meet translators who speak diverse languages and specialise in different areas of expertise

Come and discover!

Discover what languages are in most demand

Come and find out!

Explore the possibilities of your native language in the world dominated by English

Come and explore!

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