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Terms and Conditions

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Satisfaction Guarantee

100% refund

Since maintaining the high-quality standards in your translation projects is our priority, the results of our activities should be fully satisfactory. We believe our internal statistics on justified complaints from our clients, which account for just 0.3% of all orders, confirm that. This result shows us that we are moving in the right direction, as well as provides an additional impulse to further maintain the level of service provided.


What do we do with the 0.3% of orders that came up with complaints? We wish to assure you that our complaint handling model does not cast away customer’s objections; on the contrary, we strive to find the fastest and most favourable solution, which often goes hand in hand with satisfactory compensation.

Everybody – even the best experts – can make a mistake. We do not treat it as an inconvenience, but as an opportunity to better understand your expectations, so as to pay even more attention to every detail in the future. In the interest of your satisfaction with our services, we are ready to ensure that in the event of justified comments regarding substantial errors appearing in the translated text, you will receive a refund of 100% of the costs allocated to your project.


Our obligation applies to the Prestige option, which guarantees the highest level of linguistic service.


Detailed conditions for receiving compensation can be found in the Terms and Conditions in § 6.