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Recent years have brought a visible increase in interest in the Spanish language in Poland – it’s no wonder as it is the second-most widespread language in the world, not to mention, a pleasant and relatively easy one to learn (at least at a basic level). Spanish belongs to the family of Romance languages, derived from Latin; it is a close relative of French, Italian and Portuguese. Nowadays, five languages are spoken in Spain: Spanish (also called Castilian), Catalan, Galician, Basque and Aranese. Not only do Europeans speak Spanish, but so do residents of the Spanish-speaking countries of South and Central America (of course in slightly different local dialects).

Spanish translation in business

For several years, Poland has maintained a positive trade balance with Spain, which is an important export market for Polish companies. For our clients working in various industries, we carry out translations from Polish into Spanish and translations from Spanish into Polish, as well as translations between Spanish and English or in tandem with any foreign language, on a daily basis.


Companies on international markets know very well that the first impression in contact with future contractors is very often the website; that’s why at Alingua we hand over all Spanish marketing texts and all materials addressed to potential Spanish-speaking clients to native speakers, as their knack for the written word and thorough knowledge of the language and cultural customs of the target recipients make the final translation understandable and attractive to future readers.

What do you gain?

  • Translations done solely by linguists with relevant specialist training, education and experience
  • Translations compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 17100 standards
  • Translations done by native speakers
  • Consistency of terminology thanks to CAT tools
  • Free trial translations
  • Express translation of up to 100 pages a day

What do we translate most often?



Medical records

Contracts and financial reports

Software and apps

Academic publications

Marketing materials


Quotation in 15 minutes

Fill in the short form or send an inquiry to the Customer Support and you will receive a reply within 15 minutes.

Specialised translations from Spanish and into Spanish

For companies on the Spanish market, we mainly provide Spanish technical and legal translations including contracts, regulations, certificates, product specifications, user manuals, financial and accounting documentation or excerpts from the National Court Register. All such orders are performed by Alingua experts with many years of experience, proven knowledge and skills. In addition, our translators use the support of modern tools, including CAT software, which guarantees complete consistency of translation. People who have lived or studied abroad for some time may need translation support in the translation of various documents from Spanish into Polish, such as birth and marriage certificates, university degrees or diplomas. The Alingua team also consists of sworn translators who, if necessary, authenticate the translated texts to give them legal force.

Medical translations in Spanish

Individual clients also often request Spanish medical translations – most often these are hospital discharge summaries, certificates issued by specialist doctors, immunization cards, health certificates or patient reports. However, companies from the medical or pharmaceutical industry commission us to handle product documentation, catalogues, drug leaflets and clinical research results. In both cases, we pledge to our clients full confidentiality, which is guaranteed by the relevant agreements and security procedures implemented by Alingua. Confidentiality agreements also cover all other types of translation: of legal, economic, pharmaceutical, IT, marketing and literary texts. We guarantee that all texts which contain sensitive data or which record proprietary ideas or technological solutions will be protected at every stage of the translation process.

Express translation

Depending on the needs of our clients, we do standard or express Spanish translations: the latter option guarantees the translation of up to a dozen or so pages of text on the same day. In the event of an express translation of a very extensive project, the material is distributed among a team of translators. The fragments of translation completed by the team are then verified by a coordinator of the project and standardized if necessary. Feel free to contact the Customer Support to find out the answers to your questions and receive the offer best suited to your needs.

Spanish translations in Cracow

Customers who commission us to do Spanish translations in Cracow are always welcome to visit our office to talk about their requirements and expectations, as well as to lay down the terms of cooperation in person. The Alingua translation agency is not limited to local services: we work remotely with clients from all over Poland and the world, offering phone consultations or conducting the entire translation process online.

Quotation in 15 minutes

Fill in the short form or send an inquiry to the Customer Support and you will receive a reply within 15 minutes.

Pillars of trust

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification provides evidence that Alingua applies certified procedures to ensure consistent high quality of its translation services.

ISO 17100

Projects completed in compliance with ISO 17100 undergo a two-step revision process by professionals with appropriate competencies.

ISO 27001

Information security system at Alingua is consistent with the provisions of the ISO 27001 standard and all our cooperation agreements signed with translators contain a confidentiality clause.

Sample translations

In the case of larger projects, clients can request a sample of text translated by several different translators in order to choose a style most suited to their expectations.

Customer satisfaction

In-house statistics from the last two years show customer satisfaction at 99.7%.

Professional liability insurance cover

Your translations are protected by an insurance cover of up to PLN 300,000.


The Alingua Translation Agency is a member of a number of industry-specific organisations which aim to maintain the highest quality of translation services in the world of advancing technology and growing expectations.


1% of the value of our projects is donated to Alingua Helpful Word Foundation (Fundacja Alingua Pomocne Słowo). Each submitted order helps those in need.

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