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Interpreting – more than words

Effective communication is much more than just an exchange of words. Every conversation is accompanied by subtle gestures, certain facial expressions and body language. The ability to correctly understand non-verbal communication is crucial for the success of any negotiation. It should also be borne in mind that body language may vary depending on the cultural background of the interlocutor.

Comprehensive language support in every situation

Alingua’s interpreting services are provided exclusively by tried-and-true professionals who have a thorough knowledge not only of the foreign language but also of the culture and customs of its users. Our linguistic experts have both the necessary education and documented extensive professional experience – which is invaluable in the case of interpreting. Interpreting requires a great deal of skill, as well as proven resistance to stress, the ability to adapt quickly to difficult conditions and unfailing reflexes and creativity – all these aspects enable the interpreter to extract the essence of every message without omitting any crucial details in the process.

  • Conferences, trade shows and training courses

    All trade events are supported by our highly-professional and proven interpreters, who speak all the required languages.

  • Business meetings and negotiations

    Alingua interpreters are ready to provide professional assistance during onerous negotiations with foreign business partners, during hearings in courts, and visits to law firms and offices, all the while ensuring full confidentiality of information (interpreters are bound by professional secrecy).

  • Multimedia and voice-over recordings

    Our native speakers’ complete fluency of speech, which features natural pronunciation and inherent linguistic correctness, is a guarantee that your message will be perceived as if it was created directly in your clients’ language.

Types of interpretation


Consecutive interpreting consists in interpreting what is being said, with the speaker pausing regularly to allow the interpreter to convey the message in a foreign language, with the use of notes prepared on an ongoing basis. This type of interpretation is perfectly suited for business meetings, training courses, lectures or press conferences – wherever a message is addressed to a larger group of people, and the agenda of the event permits short intervals to present the content to a foreign audience.


Simultaneous interpretation is considered to be the most demanding of all, as the interpreter translates the speech in real-time, while simultaneously listening to the discourse. Simultaneous interpretation is performed in an interpreter booth equipped with a microphone and a headset. Due to the exhausting nature of the work, the presence of at least two interpreters is required at larger industry events. In order to ensure the highest quality of interpretation, it is necessary for the interpreters to take regular restorative breaks. Simultaneous interpretation is mainly used during large international conferences, trade fairs and other industry events, where it is necessary to simultaneously interpret what is said into several languages.


Whispered translation (fr. chuchotage) is a variation of simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter sits or stands close to the speakers and helps them to establish direct contact by interpreting simultaneously in a low voice. It is also recommended for various official ceremonies, when the interpreter accompanying a foreign guest can convey what is being said on an ongoing basis.

Everywhere you need us

Alingua clients can take advantage of our professional interpreting services both in Kraków and in other locations. Our comprehensive assistance covers conferences, symposia, trade shows and other industry events. We are also always ready to help behind closed doors of doctors’ offices and law firms. Interpretation services are also carried out by sworn interpreters, whose presence is often required during court proceedings and while drawing up notarial deeds. In such instances, the translation is considered as sworn, and the documents signed at the meeting become legally binding. All interpretation services are covered by a confidentiality clause, and the interpreters are bound by professional secrecy.

Interpreting – prices

The price of interpretation is dependent on the type of service and the time required to complete it. The cost is calculated based on four-hour interpreting blocks. In exceptional circumstances, the interpreters may agree to reduce the unit of settlement (for example, to 2 hours) – in such cases, the rate is set individually. To obtain detailed information on the type of service you require, please contact our Customer Help Desk, and we will be happy to assist you.

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