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Pillars of trust

Learn about the foundations of our work

In order to build lasting trust in a product or brand, many years of work, experience and dedication to growing business relations are needed. Trust and customer satisfaction require solid foundations, such as reliability, punctuality, responsibility and complete professionalism in every situation. As much as 99.7% of translations delivered to Alingua clients meet their expectations.

Out of more than 1,500 clients, 80% have entered into long-term cooperation with our agency, and many new clients regularly contact us on the recommendation of their business partners. Strict adherence to ISO 9001 and 17100 quality standards guarantees that even the most complex orders are coordinated to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Moreover, our procedures and tools used on a daily basis allow us to maintain the consistent high quality of our translations.


ISO 9001 – consistent high quality

ISO 9001 is a worldwide recognised quality management standard published by the International Organization of Standardization. The ISO 9001 standard encompasses eight areas of quality management, i.a. systemic approach in relations with customers and vendors, constant monitoring of all processes and their improvement, as well as factual approach to decision making.

An ISO 9001 certified company is effectively and efficiently managed. It also cooperates with reliable vendors only, which guarantees consistent, high quality of provided services. Alingua was certified through an audit conducted by TÜV Rheinland, an independent certification body.

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ISO 17100 – knowledge, education, revision

ISO 17100:2015 was developed specifically for the translation services sector. It defines requirements for all aspects of the translation process that affect the quality and level of service delivery.

This document provides guidance for translation service providers in the areas of basic process management, minimum competence requirements, resource availability and management, and other activities needed to provide quality translation services.

Alingua receiving the ISO 17100 certification is the culmination of the accreditation process conducted by Bureau Veritas Certification (PCA accreditation) in terms of translations within the first and second language groups. For clients, this constitutes a guarantee that the human and technical resources employed as well as the processes implemented by the agency on a daily basis are suitable for the services provided and guarantee their superior quality.

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ISO 27001 – security in information management

The implementation of the ISO 27001 standard ensures that the information security management system at a certified organisation properly secures your documents and all the data they contain. You can be sure that all the information necessary for translation services can be accessed solely by persons directly involved in project completion. This applies to documents sent both by electronic mail and files submitted to the office either in person or by traditional post.

The safety of your data and proper information management were confirmed by TÜV Rheinland, an independent certification body.

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Trial translations

Meeting every expectation

Before a contract is signed, Alingua clients can take advantage of the option of free trial translations. On the one hand, this gives clients confidence in the services we provide and, on the other, such an option enables them to define their exact requirements and preferences. In the case of literary and marketing translations, Alingua clients can ask for more than one sample translation. Each sample is done by a different translator, so the client can easily choose the preferred style and register. A similar solution is available for samples proofread by a native speaker – the client receives the trial translation before and after it is proofread so as to compare the services and choose the option which best suits individual needs and expectations.

Data confidentiality

Full document protection

All in-house Alingua employees and remote associates worldwide are obligated under confidentiality agreements to keep secret all information sent by clients, as well as any information related to the services they provide. Our agency can also conclude an NDA contract with our clients for a single project or for overall cooperation. Moreover, under the terms of the privacy policy of the Alingua Translation Agency, which defines the processing of personal data entrusted to our company, we do not sell or make available to third parties any personal or correspondence information.


Professional indemnity insurance

As one of only few translation agencies in Poland, Alingua is in possession of a professional liability insurance policy. The insurance protects your interests with a global territorial scope (excluding the US and Canada) to a total value of PLN 300,000 against damage resulting from the loss of documents, or improper performance of the service, including by Alingua subcontractors. Our clients, therefore, are suitably protected in relation to the quality of services ordered. Thus, if it turns out that due to an improperly performed service, you suffer documented damage, you can make a claim within the specified insurance amount. To date, however, none of our clients have found it necessary.

Satisfaction rate

Satisfaction measured with numbers

By ongoing monitoring of orders, we can ensure that their quality is always under tight control and customer satisfaction is assessed on a continuing basis. We value all your comments and put into effect any suggestions that allow us to enhance the level of services provided. According to Alingua’s internal statistics, the customer satisfaction rate was as high as 99.7% over the last two years.


memoQ – the leader in CAT tools

Advanced technological tools are essential in the work of project managers and translators – memoQ is a prime example of such a tool. This computer-assisted translation tool (abbreviated as CAT) supports the translation process, bringing quantifiable benefits – it effectively reduces the translation time, and assists translators, reviewers and proofreaders in maintaining the cohesion of texts thanks to the Linguistic Quality Assurance system, which detects any discrepancies in translations. memoQ also enables the creation of translation memories and glossaries for each client, which in turn guarantees consistency of terminology between individual projects.


Words have great power

In 2016, we created the Alingua Helpful Word Foundation to combine our everyday activities with helping those in need. 1% of the total value of all orders is allocated to the Foundation’s statutory objectives: support for social initiatives and people in financial difficulties through the provision of translation services and financial assistance, as well as the promotion of the Polish language domestically and abroad. Each submitted order provides selfless assistance to those in need.


Alingua is the only translation agency which is a member of the Lewiatan Association of Employers of Małopolska. Lewiatan – one of the most influential business organisations in Poland – comprises companies which employ more than one million people in total. The organisation’s prerogative is the cultivation of ethical employment and business practices. Alingua’s membership in the Association attests to our knowledge of the business world and demonstrates that we are always guided by professional integrity.

Alingua is also a member of the Polish Association of Translation Companies (PSBT) – the only organisation in Poland that brings together professional companies specialising in translation and localisation. The prerequisites for PSBT membership include numerous strict stipulations and continued monitoring on behalf of the Association. Clients of translation agencies belonging to PSBT understand this membership as a quality assurance. PSBT members provide a guarantee for all the services they offer.
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The Alingua Translation Agency is an active player in the international translation market – it belongs to the prestigious Elia Association, which brings together around 250 of the best translation agencies from around the world, including 13 companies from Poland. Members of the Elia Association are focused on development and immediately react to the demands of the changing marketplace. Their dynamism and innovative approach determine the direction for the development of the entire translation industry.
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