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Specialised translation

The Alingua team appreciates the challenging tasks faced by its clients on a daily basis. Through the provision of comprehensive language support services, Alingua enables them to focus on their core business, without having to worry about the faultlessness of the translations they require. Alingua’s specialised translations comply with the rigorous ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards, which guarantees that your text will be entrusted only to qualified experts in their field to ensure the highest quality of translation. Moreover, all documents are protected by a confidentiality agreement and a professional liability insurance policy.


Specialised translations in expert hands

The translation of a specialised text requires that a translator not only has excellent knowledge of a foreign language but also extensive expertise in the relevant field. In addition to impressive language skills, Alingua translators hold professional degrees suitable to the project – our team comprises doctors, biotechnologists, lawyers, engineers and translators who graduated in economics. They all have many years of experience in translating texts linked to various fields of science. Thanks to their knowledge of the industry and their commitment, Alingua is able to help you with all types of specialised texts – from descriptions of clinical trials and pharmaceutical compositions to various official documents and technical specifications.


Translations related to health sciences, technology, law and economics require absolute terminological consistency and precision. To ensure that our specialised translations are error-free and accurately reflect the source text, Alingua takes advantage of computer-assisted translation tools (CAT), which guarantee that specialist words and phrases are translated consistently throughout the text.


Below you can find types of specialised translations offered by the Alingua Translation Agency. If you wish to obtain an accurate quotation, please send the material to be translated to biuro@alingua.pl, and you will receive a reply within 15 minutes.

What do you gain?

  • Translations carried out by specialists in their particular field of expertise
  • Translations compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 17100 standards (two-step text quality check)
  • Express translations of up to several dozen pages per day
  • Translations in 85 languages – everything you need in one place
  • Translations are protected by a confidentiality agreement and a professional liability insurance policy
  • Free trial translations

Medicine and pharmacy

All medical texts are entrusted only to translators with necessary education in health sciences and long-standing experience in medical translation. This guarantees that the exchange of information between doctors from various countries is problem-free, patients can continue their treatment at any location in the world, while companies can successfully cooperate with foreign entities.

  • Scientific and popular science articles
  • Medical equipment user manuals, catalogues and advertising brochures
  • Patent applications, clinical trials and drug registration documentation, declarations of conformity of medical devices
  • Medical examination reports, hospital discharge summaries
  • Leaflets of chemical substances and preparations, material safety data sheets
  • Training materials for medical company employees and doctors

Medical translations
Pharmaceutical translations

Science and technology

Professional education, many years of experience and the meticulous work of our technical translators will provide you with complete satisfaction with the services ordered. The superior translation quality is reflected by Alingua’s scrupulous statistics: as many as 99.78% of Alingua’s orders meet the expectations of its clients, 75% of whom consider the agency to be a reliable business partner and have decided to become Alingua’s regular clients.

  • Design and tender documentation
  • User manuals and material safety data sheets
  • Scientific and research papers
  • Patent documentation
  • Arrangement drawings
  • Warranties and bidding documents

IT translations
Technical translations
Translations of documents
Scientific translations

Marketing and literature

If the target text has two main objectives: to preserve the sense of the source text and, at the same time, to reach the recipient through its skilful use of the written word and its mode of expression, the translation must be done by a translator who is fully aware of the author’s intentions and is able to convey the message without making the text sound like a translation. Alingua always entrusts such projects to people with a lot of empathy, imagination and excellent writing skills.

  • Websites
  • Product catalogues, advertising materials
  • Brochures, leaflets, product labels
  • Multimedia, promotional text
  • Popular science books, handbooks
  • Literature, research papers

Marketing translations
Literary translations
Website translations

Law and finance

Clients who entrust us with texts relating to law and economics very often require not only absolutely accurate translations of the source material but also very short delivery times. As a result, such translations are frequently carried out in express mode, so that our clients are able to complete corporate formalities and settle urgent official matters.

  • Legal acts, powers of attorney
  • Certificates and attestations
  • Court papers and incorporation documents
  • Trade agreements
  • Financial statements
  • Extracts from KRS, all types of official documents

Economic and legal translations
Sworn translations

Specialised translations – price list

Translations of specialised texts require the knowledge of professional scientific and technical terminology, which is why their price may be slightly higher than in the case of regular translation. The price of specialised translation is mainly influenced by the popularity of the language combination. Rates for translations from English or German will certainly be lower than for translations from less common languages. In order to receive a specific quote for your text, please send it to biuro@alingua.pl.

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