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IT translations

The civilizational leap of the last twenty years or so is closely linked to the development of the IT sector. Thanks to IT technology, we can find almost any item of information, book a flight or arrange an appointment with a doctor in a matter of mere minutes. However, complex IT systems, which make our daily life easier and influence our learning, must first be professionally translated to reach a global audience. Although Windows, Android and iOS users speak different languages, a whole army of programmers and translators strives to ensure that every version of the software meets the expectations of its target audience. The international success of Polish companies such as Comarch or Synerise would not have been possible without their products receiving professional translations. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been a huge success and has won millions of fans around the world. The perfect translation of dialogues and interface text has undoubtedly contributed to this success.

User comes first

In IT translations, special attention is paid to the so-called user experience. As software should not pose any problems to foreign users – at the request of our clients – our team of native speakers can adapt the material to the cultural context of the target language. The Alingua Translation Agency comprises translators with long-standing experience, who know the IT industry inside out. We also take advantage of the expertise of programmers who verify our translations in terms of substantive content. Their thorough knowledge of technological issues is an invaluable help in the implementation of translation projects.

What do you gain?

  • Translations compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 17100 standards
  • Translations carried out by experts in their particular field of expertise holding a suitable degree
  • Several dozen pages per day in express translation
  • Consistency of terminology thanks to CAT tools
  • IT translations in 85 languages – everything you need in one place
  • Free trial translations

What is translated most often?

ERP/CRM systems

Applications and software

Mobile games and apps

Online help systems

E-learning platforms




Quotation in 15 minutes

Fill in the short form or send an inquiry to the Customer Support and you will receive a reply within 15 minutes.

Editing and proofreading by a native speaker – a seal of quality

IT translations demand absolute precision and perfection so that the final result is polished and impeccable in every minute aspect. The superior quality of translation is guaranteed by a two-step verification process, which ensures compliance with ISO 17100. We achieve the consistency of terminology through the use of computer-assisted translation tools (CAT). Once entered, a specialised term will always be translated in the same way. The localisation service, i.e. maximum adaptation of the text to the cultural and linguistic context of a given language user (best performed by a native speaker), ensures that the translation sounds completely natural to the final recipient.

Comprehensive multi-language services

IT translations are carried out in 85 languages, which means that you can receive all the required language versions as part of a single order. Regardless of the number of translations ordered, our all-inclusive approach requires that all translations are consistent, faithfully reflecting the source text. IT translations are carried out online to streamline the translation process to the maximum. The skills of our specialists can be put to the test by ordering a free trial translation.

Pillars of trust

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification provides evidence that Alingua applies certified procedures to ensure consistent high quality of its translation services.

ISO 17100

Projects completed in compliance with ISO 17100 undergo a two-step revision process by professionals with appropriate competencies.

ISO 27001

Information security system at Alingua is consistent with the provisions of the ISO 27001 standard and all our cooperation agreements signed with translators contain a confidentiality clause.

Sample translations

In the case of larger projects, clients can request a sample of text translated by several different translators in order to choose a style most suited to their expectations.

Customer satisfaction

In-house statistics from the last two years show customer satisfaction at 99.7%.

Professional liability insurance cover

Your translations are protected by an insurance cover of up to PLN 300,000.


The Alingua Translation Agency is a member of a number of industry-specific organisations which aim to maintain the highest quality of translation services in the world of advancing technology and growing expectations.


1% of the value of our projects is donated to Alingua Helpful Word Foundation (Fundacja Alingua Pomocne Słowo). Each submitted order helps those in need.

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