Technical translations


Technical translations

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9001 and ISO 17100 certificates
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Specializing in technical translations, our office can offer you translation of such documents as:

  • Engineering specifications
  • Bills of materials
  • CAD drawings
  • Catalogues
  • E-learning materials
  • Assembly instructions
  • Labels
  • Marketing materials
  • Safety data sheets
  • Information sheets
  • Multimedia materials – audio and visual

Alingua Translation Agency’s services are also aimed at clients looking for a reliable business partner in the field of technical translations.

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The key elements of this type of translation are precision, accuracy and consistency of the terminology used. The best proof of the competence of our associates is the wide spectrum of successfully prepared translations of specification sheets, manuals, multimedia presentations or content posted on websites. We guarantee the highest level of technical precision while retaining the required form of the text.

Technical translations are given to professionally active professionals in the field of the subject matter involved in the submitted text. We are well aware that the consequences of incorrect technical translation go far beyond financial sanctions; we do our best to protect our customers from adverse legal obligations and from lowering the prestige of the brand.

High-quality technical translations primarily involve the knowledge and experience of the person making them. The advantage of Alingua is its long-term co-operation with highly qualified professionals, certified by NOT.

Energy translations
In order to meet the expectations of many of our customers, we offer companies in the energy industry translations related to their business. We know that international cooperation of such companies must go hand in hand with good quality translations. Intelligibility and clarity are our priorities. Energy translations in the nuclear, solar or coal energy have no secrets for us. We also offer professional translations of related texts, such as trade documents related to the energy sector.

Construction translations
Construction translations are specialized translations, covering mainly: valuations, cost estimates, architectural designs, as well as design specifications. Regardless of the purpose of your document, you can count on Alingua’s experienced translators, who are familiar with the sector-related vocabulary. We know the importance of trust and quality in business relationships. Thanks to good translation of documents, you will gain credibility on the foreign market.

Automotive translations
The automotive sector is a branch of industry characterized by a very rapid technological progress. Therefore, automotive translations are very demanding. The ever-evolving vocabulary and increasing number of new issues related to industry, commerce or public works force people dealing with them to keep abreast of the changes. Alingua’s automotive translations are entrusted only to persons who meet such criteria. Therefore, you can rest assured that their performance level is equal to the quality of your services.

Chemical translations
Scientific papers in the field of chemistry, translation of technical texts and specifications – chemical translation is an offer addressed to laboratories and related companies, universities and other scientific institutions. Due to the specific language and the complexity of issues, we commission chemical translations only to the professionals experienced in this field. We know the importance of accuracy in translating specialized texts, so we focus on people who have both the linguistic knowledge and that of chemistry-related fields.

Telecommunication translations
We live in a society where the pace and quality of information transfer is everything. No wonder the telecom industry is growing so dynamically. For those who want to keep up with the development, we offer telecommunication translations concerning technical specifications of equipment or the use of new technologies in telecommunications. We are aware of how important it is to be keep up with the novelties and specific vocabulary – we work with the best translators in the field of telecommunication translations.

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Alingua préserve les plus haute normes de qualité au cours du processus de traduction et lors du service client. Cela a été confirmé par la réception des certificats ISO 9001:2015 es ISO 17100:2015 attribués par le potentat mondial dans le domaine le Bureau Veritas.



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