Perhaps it has always been easy for you to put your thoughts on paper, and your knack for writing has been your trademark. Maybe the passion for writing came with time and became a self-soothing technique – a space that brings calm and order to a world full of chaos. Or maybe you’ve been a closet writer mustering up the courage and waiting for that right moment to show your work to the world?


No matter which of these scenarios sounds the most familiar, in today’s article we will discuss issues related to self-publishing and preparing your work for publication abroad. Self-publishing means much greater control over the final shape of a novel, non-fiction book, a collection of poems or guidebook, but also greater responsibility for each of the stages of this complex process. In this article, we will delve into the areas where the help of a professional linguist may be useful – from proofreading a draft text to translating advertising content.



Self-publishing step by step: editing and proofreading


Putting one’s idea for a plot into words and typing the final dot doesn’t mean the end of one’s work on a book. In fact, one might say that it’s just the easiest part that’s over. Is editing and proofreading a book necessary? Skipping this stage will have significant consequences. Try to recall any book that was rife with typos and baffling punctuation: even the best plot cannot defend itself against the dubious quality of the stylistic and linguistic layer.


An experienced editor also ensures that you tie up all the loose ends in your story. After all, there is probably nothing more disappointing than stories leaving the reader with a plethora of questions – unless, of course, we plan to resolve the fate of the characters in subsequent volumes of the series. Such assistance is invaluable for both debut and experienced authors.



Aim higher: translating self-published books


One of the advantages of self-publishing is that a book can also be quickly launched on foreign language markets. Several online selling sites are already meeting the expectations and needs of authors by offering solutions to make their own work more available to readers. They are worth taking a closer look at: perhaps this is a good way to reach a wider audience with the story.


Literary translation is a major challenge, which we approach from a comprehensive perspective. We are well aware of how much heart authors put into their books, so it is of the utmost importance to us that the content is accurately conveyed while being adapted to the expectations and linguistic preferences of target readers. Working closely with native speakers of a particular language allows for literary tone to be maintained and cultural nuances to be perfectly reflected.


Interestingly, it is popular among Alingua’s customers to translate a book from Polish into English, as well as the other way round, especially among authors who have lived abroad for a long time and are more comfortable writing in their second language.


Before making a final decision on a translator, Alingua’s clients have the opportunity to receive sample texts prepared by several specialists. This way, the authors may choose a person whose empathy and linguistic expression are the closest to their own.



How about an audio drama? Our offer of audiobooks for authors


Books in an audio format are gaining more and more fans – hence it is not surprising that many authors collaborate with voice actors and make their books available in this form. However, it’s a demanding project, especially when one is navigating the publishing path for the first time, and what is more – on their own.


Alingua’s comprehensive bundle of services for authors includes also the recording a professional audiobook. We know that choosing the right voice actor is of key importance for the final feeling, that’s why we offer our clients the possibility to use a voice bank: this way they can choose the exact voice they want to tell their story.



The last step: translating advertising content


The long-awaited day has arrived – the finished work is landing in readers’ laps and on bookstores’ shelves. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean the end of the work; promoting a book is an inseparable part of the publishing process. It is worth to ensure that the effect of long and intense work will not become a viral only due to a funny typo in a post or an advert: this is where Alingua’s specialists come into action to ensure that the text sounds perfect in any foreign language.



Complex linguistic support in self-publishing


Whether our clients need help with a Polish text or additional support during the translation of their work into foreign language, Alingua’s broad range or language services allows them to perfect their book, collection of poems, e-book or guidebook to the smallest detail.


Our client-oriented attitude, willingness to engage in dialogue and openness to the needs and expectations of the authors mean that we can ensure that the creators working with us are satisfied with the final result of the work, and that we provide support at every stage of the order.


Due to the specific nature and scope of these services, each order of such type is quoted individually, so we encourage you to use the form and send us your text – our Customer Support will start working on it. Together, we will establish a timeline for the work and the scope of services, and provide a quote with the estimated lead time.