A misunderstanding based on linguistic gaps can be funny – but only in certain situations. There is no place for them in business communication, when seemingly insignificant mistakes can make a huge difference and weigh on the success of processes to which we have devoted plenty of effort and resources. Business translations encompass an extremely wide range of complex services, the scope of which depends on a number of factors, such as the size of a company, the area of activity, the frequency of translations or the prevalence of translation or interpretation.


Today, we will take a closer look at a number of issues that will give us a better understanding of why translations are crucial for the growth of a business, and how to find a competent business partner who can provide good business translations.



When are business translations needed?

It is difficult to give a clear answer to this question; for international corporations they are a key part of everyday operations, and for small businesses – an opportunity to grow and expand into foreign markets. In both cases, the precise identification of the Client’s needs and the preparation of a customised offer will be an extremely important stage in the provision of language services. For most cooperating entities, online business translations will be the best solution, with the entire order process carried out by email, in accordance with all security requirements. Working in accordance with the guidelines of ISO standards, Alingua provides its business clients with quality backed by competence. Working with professionals is worth considering when you want to:


improve communication with clients, which also has an impact on the company’s image. Clear, precise information is the best testimony to the company’s professionalism and it helps avoid costly misunderstandings. It is worth remembering that an interpreter may also support us during telephone conversations or online negotiations,


– ensure that the legal aspects of the company’s operations comply with local legislation. This also includes the translation of documents such as regulations, privacy policies and statements – extremely important to ensure that the company operates legally in foreign markets,


ensure smooth cooperation between international teams. This is particularly important for companies carrying out large-scale collaborations with partners around the world, where processes are often unnecessarily prolonged for reasons as mundane as unclear communication,


adapt the content to the needs of the audience – localisation is one of the underestimated, yet extremely important language services. It requires extensive knowledge of cultural nuances, but adapting such nuances as units of measurement, notation of numbers or spelling of proper names will certainly be appreciated in the local market.



Business translations – Cracow, Warsaw, Wrocław and beyond

Finding a competent professional who can efficiently navigate the intricacies of language services is not easy. Among the multiple offers, how do you find the one that is the most promising and has the best chance of developing into a long-term, rewarding partnership?


The first contact with a service provider will tell us a lot about further collaboration. A quick and informative message requesting details of cooperation are good signs; this allows a professional to draw up an offer that is tailored to the client’s expectations, taking into account factors such as the size of the company, the needs of the sector and the specific enterprise. Business translations from English or German are standard, but many agencies offer translations in various combinations, also between two foreign languages. Whether it is a one-time collaboration on a specific project or long-term support, a reliable business partner will make every effort to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the result.


Cost is also an important factor, but it is worth bearing in mind that cheap business translations are sometimes subject to considerable risk of failure. In this case, a company’s carefully built image, financial outlay and multi-year projects may be at stake – it is worth considering whether an issue as crucial as communication is worth the savings.



Alingua – your partner in business translations

Business translations are one of the cornerstones of Alingua’s operations; thanks to numerous long-term partnerships, both the Customer Service specialists and the project managers know exactly how to meet the expectations of business clients. While translations carried out according to our clients’ guidelines are our priority, we intuitively do our best to ensure that a business cooperation is also an opportunity to build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust. To become one of our clients, simply submit your documents for a free quote without obligation – we encourage you to use our form to let us find out more about your translation expectations so that we can prepare a perfectly tailored offer.