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As one of Baltic languages, Lithuanian has retained the most archaic features among all Indo-European languages, which makes it an interesting subject of linguistic research. It betrays relatively little influence of other languages, and Lithuanians (as one of few nations) prefer to create their own words instead of borrowing them from foreign languages. The Lithuanian alphabet consists of 32 letters, and the language itself is considered relatively difficult to learn, mainly because of its isolation, complex grammar and vocabulary.

Lithuanian translation in business

Geographical proximity and the common history of Poland and Lithuania have resulted in a numerous Polish minority in Lithuania, and the Lithuanians are one of the official national minorities in Poland. Moreover, the geopolitical situation of both countries and their membership in the European Union make Poland an attractive market for Lithuanian entrepreneurs. Poland invariably remains one of Lithuania’s main trading partners, and Lithuania has been Poland’s largest trading partner among the Baltic countries for many years. We mainly export to Lithuania electromechanical and chemical goods as well as agri-food products, and the majority of imports are mineral products and plastics. In mutual relations, professionalism and sophisticated business culture are extremely important; therefore, high-quality translations are an essential element of running a business in Lithuania.

What do you gain?

  • Translations done solely by linguists with relevant specialist training, education and experience
  • Translations compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 17100 standards
  • Translations done by native speakers
  • Consistency of terminology thanks to CAT tools
  • Free trial translations
  • Express translation of up to 100 pages a day

What do we translate most often?



Medical records

Contracts and financial reports

Software and apps

Academic publications

Marketing materials


Quotation in 15 minutes

Fill in the short form or send an inquiry to the Customer Support and you will receive a reply within 15 minutes.

Translation of documents into Lithuanian

Because of the geographical and cultural proximity of Poland and Lithuania, there are numerous national minorities in both countries, which in turn creates a demand for translations of all kinds of personal documents into Lithuanian and from Lithuanian. Alingua’s offer includes standard and sworn translations of diplomas, certificates, identity cards, driving licenses, medical documents and other types required by various offices, state institutions and medical institutions.

Lithuanian specialised translations

Specialised translations ordered by our clients are entrusted only to qualified translators with experience in a particular subject and appropriate education. We also use CAT tools (computer-aided translation) on a daily basis, which ensures terminological coherence and consistently high quality. In the case of materials intended for publication (e.g. marketing), we encourage you to order an additional proofreading service or native speaker editing. Such text will be easy to read and the reader will not even realise that it is a translation.

Express Lithuanian translations

It can always happen that the company’s success depends on a quick delivery of translated documentation. In such cases, we offer our clients express translation, which guarantees that you receive up to several pages of translation in one day. We can also carry out larger express orders: the documents are then entrusted to several Lithuanian translators, whose work is properly coordinated to ensure full stylistic and terminological consistency.

Translations from Lithuanian not only into Polish

The offer of Alingua’s translation agency is not limited to translations from Polish or into Polish. On the contrary: translations from Lithuanian into English or vice versa are also ordered frequently. Collaboration with linguists from all over the world allows us to prepare translation of texts in any language combination, depending on the needs of our clients. For detailed information on our offer, please contact Alingua Customer Support by phone or online.

Quotation in 15 minutes

Fill in the short form or send an inquiry to the Customer Support and you will receive a reply within 15 minutes.

Pillars of trust

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification provides evidence that Alingua applies certified procedures to ensure consistent high quality of its translation services.

ISO 17100

Projects completed in compliance with ISO 17100 undergo a two-step revision process by professionals with appropriate competencies.

ISO 27001

Information security system at Alingua is consistent with the provisions of the ISO 27001 standard and all our cooperation agreements signed with translators contain a confidentiality clause.

Sample translations

In the case of larger projects, clients can request a sample of text translated by several different translators in order to choose a style most suited to their expectations.

Customer satisfaction

In-house statistics from the last two years show customer satisfaction at 99.7%.

Professional liability insurance cover

Your translations are protected by an insurance cover of up to PLN 300,000.


The Alingua Translation Agency is a member of a number of industry-specific organisations which aim to maintain the highest quality of translation services in the world of advancing technology and growing expectations.


1% of the value of our projects is donated to Alingua Helpful Word Foundation (Fundacja Alingua Pomocne Słowo). Each submitted order helps those in need.

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