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Long-term cooperation

The importance of lasting and strong relations between economic entities cannot be overestimated in today’s business world. The building of such relationships is Alingua’s key priority – and this makes us even more appreciative of the fact that as many as 80% of our clients come back to us regularly. Some of our clients have been with us since the very beginning of the Alingua Translation Agency – so 10 years now.

In everyday business practices, we always remember that what matters most is the other person. We are aware that in order to win our clients’ trust, we need much more than pompous words and assurances about seamless cooperation. Qualities such as reliability, diligence, punctuality and responsiveness to client needs are all prerequisites for building business relations based on trust. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to have 99.7% of completed orders giving full satisfaction.


Services for businesses

The option of permanent cooperation is recommended for all businesses which require regular translation or editing services – particularly if the assignments come in various language combinations. A comprehensive service provides exceptional convenience when there is a need to translate a large number of similar texts into different languages or when commercial offers, product catalogues, agreements and contracts require a periodical update.

What you get?

  • Consistency of terminology

    Thanks to a dedicated translation team and the use of translation memories, your texts are always coherent and the terminology consistent

  • Attractive financial terms

    Regular clients receive a consolidated invoice issued at the end of the month, which has a longer payment term, as well as lower rates and discounts

  • Express translations

    Orders for express translations from our regular clients are always given the highest level of priority, which means that they immediately go to the top of the list

One contract – permanent benefits

Each project is evaluated individually, taking into account all client needs and preferences. Terms of cooperation are set at the very start – our clients are quoted the rates and given a choice of convenient methods of settlement and communication with the office. Alingua clients are offered preferential rates and discounts which increase along with the number of pages submitted for translation each month. Long-term cooperation also enables us to issue a single collective invoice at the end of the month, with a longer payment term.


We also provide our regular clients with prerogative treatment when they need something translated without delay – such texts are then given the highest priority.

Made-to-measure translations

Each Alingua client is assigned a personal client assistant, who coordinates the work of the Alingua team and provides the necessary support. As your translations are carried out by a dedicated team of translators, the entire process is seamless and exceptionally effective – the translation quality is always at its highest and individual texts are stylistically cohesive. Moreover, thanks to the use of translation memories and CAT tools, specialist terms are always translated in the same way.


If you would like to receive detailed information on long-term cooperation options with Alingua, please fill in the form below – our consultant will be pleased to provide you with all the necessary details.

Tell us about your company

For years, we have been attentive to the needs of both domestic and international business partners, which has enabled us to develop cooperation models for our clients. Knowing what your company does and understanding the type of texts sent for translation, we will be able to propose proven and reliable solutions. We will ensure that these solutions are best suited to your industry and the most challenging projects.

    Business line

    What does your company specialise in?

    When we know your line of business, we will be able to propose proven solutions in your field.

    Range of activity

    Where does your company operate?

    Information about the scope of your business will help us to include the languages you need.

    Year of establishment

    How long has your company been operating?

    A start-up has different needs than a company with many years of experience: by knowing who we are dealing with, we can advise you on solutions that will work best.

    Collaboration with translators

    Does your enterprise cooperate/has cooperated with other translation agencies/translators?

    If you already have a specific model of cooperation, we will be happy to include it in our offer.

    Translation requirements

    What type of texts need translating most often?

    If we have information on what texts you translate, we will prepare a more favourable and appropriate proposal.


    What do you look for most in our cooperation?

    We will make sure to satisfactorily meet your expectations.

    Business contacts

    What business contacts are important to your company?

    We are happy to provide you with the contact information of reliable business partners or recommend your company to them.

    Full name

    Company name



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