Wonderful, emotional times in sport are a prime example of how good we are at coming together in moments that leave us deeply moved.


The win of a team we’ve been a fan since forever can move us all the same way, regardless of our beliefs or the language we speak on a daily basis. But is it equally easy to communicate when precise contract terms are involved? And how to ensure top-notch presentation of a sports club during an international press conference?


Contracts, test results, literature – translations in sports

Behind every story of a stratospheric rise to stardom there are years of preparation, myriads of meticulous arrangements, perfect training plans and precisely created contracts. Right now most athletes prepare for competitions with the help of a carefully selected team of specialists that often come from various places around the world. It is in the best interest of both parties involved to precisely determine the conditions of cooperation. When you’re at the top of your game, there’s no place for mistakes. That’s why the support of a professional will guarantee a reliable translation of important documentation, such as contracts, and ensure that it accurately reflects the source text.


The scope of broadly defined sports translations, however, covers not only contracts regarding sponsorship or player transfer issues; on a daily basis, we mainly handle translations of sports clubs and players’ websites, certificates confirming trainers’ formal qualifications, as well as extensive medical records.


Let’s not forget about a space where sports and literature collide! A knack for the written word is a must to get the right tone for players’ biographical entries or more extensive literary forms – sports biographies have been a hit among the readers for a few years now. Translating subtitles or preparing interview transcripts is also a popular language service. We often support less and more famous sports clubs with these tasks.


When every word counts – interpretation in sports

Sport evokes a wide range of emotions, with press conferences following thrilling matches being equally moving as the showcase on the pitch or court itself. The role of an interpreter is invaluable both during the official release of statements and the conversations between the players and the media. That’s when words mean the most and athletes’ accounts are quoted in headlines published in the press and on the Internet. That’s where professionalism, the ability to quickly react in unforeseen situations and thorough knowledge of a given sports discipline are of particular importance.


Interpreters are also unsung heroes of sports events of various significance, from the Olympic Games to local marathons. Their presence ensures that the athletes feel at ease prior to important competitions and can fully focus on the preparations before the big day. Such events are also a perfect opportunity for young interpreters to build their professional portfolio. The organisers often seek linguists that want to volunteer and help the participants communicate effortlessly during the event.


Translations in creating the image and awareness of a sports brand

But do you have to be at the centre of the action to realise the importance of translations in sports? Not at all! Translations are also an important part of brand awareness building strategy employed by Polish manufacturers of sports clothes, footwear, accessories and equipment. We regularly work with market leaders on translations that help them build brand image abroad.


In such cases comprehensive language services may encompass translating a diverse range of texts, from website content, expert articles and CSR reports, to posts shared on social media. What’s interesting, we can also check the spelling on your T-shirt prints. Such a support is an investment that will spare you a real predicament!


Sport means also recreation – so tourism. One of our long-term clients, Tatry Ski, entrusts us content aimed at avid skiers, snowboarders and hikers. Thanks to out cooperation, tourists visiting the most popular places in the Polish mountains can safely use available infrastructure and receive complete information about their destination even before they hit the trails.


Alingua – sports translations driven by passion

It may seem that sports translations are mainly based on the rules of particular disciplines or knowledge about niche issues. Thorough knowledge about given disciplines is key, but this area of translation also requires ability to effortlessly navigate the intricacies of law, complex medical terms, and subtle cultural nuances. Specialists cooperating with Alingua successfully blend the solid linguistic foundation with the emotional side of sport. Long-term collaboration with sports clubs and enterprises allowed us to develop a model of action that yields results that are satisfying for all the parties involved.