Let’s say you’re a business owner. A successful one. As the business grows you realise that it’s high time you expanded the client base.


Before you head off to conquer industry fairs and gain new, international business partners, you should take care of appropriate preparation. There will be a lot of questions when preparing a growth plan. One of them should concern the issue of quoting a website translation.

Your website is a digital business card

A website is undoubtedly every company’s most frequently viewed business card – it’s so easy to find and available to everyone upon just a few clicks. It’s unlikely that a regular customer will be interested in it, but for someone new it is usually the first contact channel. That’s why it’s worth going the extra mile and taking care of both its appearance and content. If the Polish version of your website is impeccable, it’s time to think about translations into foreign languages. How should you tackle this task? Or rather: how to create a quote for website translation or at least roughly know what price should you expect?

Website translation quote – how to obtain reliable information?

You’re bound to have files with your website content among all the important company documentation. These files might be available in any format supported by Microsoft Word or Excel; quotation (and translation) can be also performed using html documents. Choose the content that you would like to present to international clients and send it to biuro@alingua.pl along with your enquiry regarding the deadline and price for the translation into English, German, Russian, or any other languages that you might need.

How can I translate a website? Is the website address enough?

And how can we quote a website when you don’t have access to files with website content? At Alingua we also quote websites upon receiving the website address only. However, be aware of additional cost and extra time needed to copy the text, especially when it’s complex. When you pick our offer and cooperate with us, the fee will be deducted from the price for the order. If you prepare the content on your own, you will receive the quote in 15 minutes – and will already know what can we offer.