Participation in various customer loyalty programs – whether at your favourite stores, coffee shops, petrol stations or cinemas – usually comes with benefits for loyal clients. Even though it’s hard to imagine a loyalty card for language services, long-term cooperation with a given translation agency may bring mutual benefits that go way beyond standard favourable financial terms and priority of order completion.


Finding a reliable business partner who completes all the tasks entrusted to them in a trustworthy and timely manner is only half the battle. Below are a few reasons why it’s worth to go the extra mile and take care of this relationship.

Loyalty pays off – not only financially

When it comes to long-term cooperation, favourable financial conditions are the most important issue for most people. Higher number of pages submitted for translation is often reflected in a significant discount offered to the client. Entrepreneurs who submit large volumes of processable text can also expect such help, so if you have many contracts, manuals or safety data sheets – that’s the way to go. Importantly, in this case attractive price does not equal lower quality.

New clients don’t always have it better

Loyal clients are also rewarded with lead time offers tailored to their needs. Project coordinators are often more understanding towards their long-time clients and do their best to meet their requirements. It’s always worth asking, even regarding the shortest possible deadlines. Chances are that maintaining such a cooperation is important to both parties. Entrepreneurs are afraid of hasty search for a reliable translation agency, while clients submitting orders on regular basis are priceless for the service provider. For many developing companies, such a cooperation often constitutes a foundation of stable day-to-day operation.

Money and time – but what else can you gain thanks to a stable business partnership?

Clients often highlight that the integrity of terms used in documentation is of utmost importance. Very often companies also follow internal recommendations regarding the lexicon. When ignored, these may bring unforeseeable consequences. Completing all projects by one translation agency makes it easier to ensure lexical integrity. Files are often forwarded to the very same specialists who completed the order previously, guaranteeing their highest quality and full compliance with the client’s guidelines. In case of long-term business partnership, a client’s additional wishes do not cause any problem at all. Everything is forwarded to a team of professionals, ensuring perfect satisfaction with a completed task.  And although establishing and then further maintaining such a relationship might be challenging at times, cooperation based on mutual trust ensures that both parties are fully satisfied with the results.