In some industries it’s the power of image that matters the most. In others, it’s all about the words. And then, there are unique spaces where these two components are of equal importance – and that’s where we can find the beauty industry.


Today’s article explores the role of language services in the cosmetics industry, checking whether translating ingredient lists is the main area of professional challenges for translators and how to carve your own niche in an industry that requires surgical precision and creativity of a virtuoso.


More technical than it may seem – translating cosmetics labels into English

Translations for the beauty industry involves work with an incredibly varied range of texts, which makes it a great work field for both creative souls and specialists that appreciate more technical issues. Though cosmetics are usually linked to marketing (quite effective marketing at that!) and emotions, more often than not translations pertain to the R&D works on products, as well as the arduous journey to place a product on the market. Basic knowledge about the names of cosmetic products in English is just not enough to effortlessly use the industry jargon and accurately translate phrases that have been used for years in, e.g. documentation required by foreign European markets.


Multi-stage collaboration during the development of one product often requires the preparation of extensive documentation and resources demanding seamless changes in language register and adjusting the ready communication to the recipient’s needs. That’s what makes translations in the beauty industry so demanding; apart from knowledge concerning scientific issues, the keen observant’s ability to skilfully navigate the expectations of various cultures that are to consume the content is much needed.


Experiments? With make-up, perhaps. Never with language services

The beauty industry is all about using the right words. Thousands of completed projects for the beauty industry allowed us to notice just how important open mind and contacting the Client are while working on such orders. Establishing a set of guidelines, developing a glossary for upcoming orders and exploring shared reference materials allow to avoid inconsistencies in the text or any discrepancies between the new project and any texts that have been translated so far.


Paying close attention to accurate terminology does not mean we can just throw out of the window the responsibility for preparing reader-friendly content that’s in line with brand image and its communication. The creativity of our professionals helps accurately convey the vibe of campaigns addressed to gen Z and showcase skincare products to millennials that are always on the hunt for new cosmetics to enhance their morning and nighttime beauty routines.


Where technology, medicine, and cosmetics meet

The growing popularity and easier availability of beauty treatments are what stands behind the increasing interest of such services – also among potential clients from abroad. Many people choose Poland due to affordable prices and competitive quality of the services. That’s why it’s worth to take care of your online visibility and translate the website, as well as resources that will be presented to a client at the office – from marketing content to consent forms signed before a treatment.


Such language services are also closely linked to translations of instruction manuals for beauty devices. In this case, a clear and comprehensible translation is a must. After all, the ultimate effect of a given treatment, as well as patient’s safety and health depend on it. It’s worth to leave this task to professionals when it’s your long-term commitment to the created brand image that’s at stake. A translation prepared by an experienced linguist will clarify any concerns and will allow you to get the most out of the device.


And what about interpretation – does the beauty industry need them? Of course! They’re often provided during trainings, conferences, congresses or meetings during trade fairs when effortless communication is priceless.



Long-term cooperation with the leaders of the beauty industry allowed us to establish effective guidelines and work procedures that bring superior results. Our offer encompasses language services provided for individual projects, as well as long-term linguistic support that includes translations of a variety of written texts, including audiovisual resources and social media content, as well as helping professionals during an official product launch, a conference or business meetings.